A lot of women go about bra shopping without any clue and end up wondering why their undergarment fits poorly. Choosing the wrong bra for your build causes problems like back aches, chest pains, and poor posture. Poorly fitting bra cups that don’t give needed support, unsightly bumps and bulges, chafing, poor construction, and itching are some 胸圍 of the most common complaints from women when it comes to bras.

You deserve the comfort of an excellent fitting bra and you can make bra shopping easy for you by following these simple steps in choosing the perfect bra.

Get your exact measurement

Ask a seamstress or the local bra fitter to help you out. You can also go online and look for a bra calculator. It has diagrams designed to help you get an accurate measurement even by yourself. Use a soft tape measure so it wraps snugly around you.

• Get your band size by measuring around your body above your rib cage and just below your breasts.
• For your bust size, wrap the tape measure around your body and at the fullest part of your breasts.
• Last, measure the circumference along the tops of your breast to get your above bust size.
• After you’ve entered all values in the calculator, your bra size is displayed.

It’s important to note that same bra sizes are actually different from brand to brand and country where it’s manufactured. The best way to tell if a bra is right for you, is trying it on. If you’re buying a bra online, purchase one from a reliable brand like Ahh Bra. It’s constructed to fit women seamlessly across ages and cup sizes.

Cup Size

For an excellent fit, get bras in your correct cup size. Try on the same bra a size bigger or smaller than your measurement. Cup sizes differ between manufacturers and bra styles. You may be a perfect cup C with a demi cup but a full cup style would be a little loose. Don’t be shy and don a few pairs before you buy.

When trying on a bra, take your time. Adjust the straps, use the last rows to hook it up, lift your arms, bend, move around. If you find your breast spilling over, go a cup higher. If the bra is loose, do the opposite.

Support and style

• Bras come in basic colors of beige, black, white, tan. Most brands offer bright and feminine color options in all other shades too.

• Bra materials range from soft stretchy cotton to fine, expensive lace. Read labels carefully and choose a bra that’s right for the occasion. Sports bra with max support for running, contact sports, and active events, seamless bras for clothes that cling, and so on.

• For support, most bras have underwires and wide bands that distribute weight to help women with bigger sizes. The drawback is it has limited options when it comes to colors and styles.

• Small to mid-sized cups have more options to play with when it comes to color, cut, and materials.

The Ahh Seamless Bra comes with removable pads and is made of soft materials. It offers women a degree of comfort no other brands can offer. With its cutting edge design, you won’t need any underwires for support. Its solid back panels ensures you don’t get unsightly bumps under your shirt. It also comes in an array of deliciously feminine colors and the best thing about the Ahh bra? It’s available online.

You can easily order one in your exact size, and in the color you like. With its friendly prices you can get them in all the colors being offered! Plus sizes will enjoy its comfy support while women with smaller cups would definitely love the added volume its removable pads offer.

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