Polyures and epoxy coatings are a new strain of concrete coatings with extraordinary benefits when properly applied with the finest quality combines. They are being applied by a small but growing network of very skilled flooring entrepreneurs around the country. The highest quality polyureas are not massed produced. They might need an investment in specific polyurea equipment and mastery of the application system.

The application form System

The first step is to acquire high production concrete grinding equipment. These are high torque grinders that cut the concrete easily. They have specialized dustless vacuum systems lessening airborne dust. Surface preparation ‘s very important to successful application. High spots throughout the floor are flattened, including along expansion joints, which typically are higher than most areas of the floor. Polyureas are not a self leveling product like epoxy. Epoxies tend to have varied thickness throughout the floor. Polyureas perform best with a smooth level surface resulting with a consistent coating thickness.

Once the floor is ground smooth, fractures and damaged areas, including expansion joints, are repaired with a filler appropriate for the coatings. These repair products are solvent free, do not dissove, are flexible and impact resistant.

Once the floor is ground and fractures, expansion joints and damaged areas repaired, the floor can be lined. Polyureas are fast curing, avoiding downtime between repair and application.


Increased Adhesion : Grinding opens the pores of the surface allowing the first coat of the polyurea to soak into the concrete. This is typically a coat of approximately 4-5 mils thick. There are no solvents and therefore no shrinkage. The second coat is 11-12 mils thick. The combined wear become area of the floor capping off moisture pressure.

Delamination Resistant : Polyurea ingredients are high quality and expensive to blend. The cross linking strength is extraordinary and will not break down due to efflorescence in the concrete. The ability to soak into the surface means the coating is area of the floor, not stuck to the surface. In most cases the concrete will break before the coating comes off.

Bacteria Resistant : The highest quality polyureas are manufactured to resist marring. Very fine scratches that do appear, have straight edges, not frayed. A straight edge will not possess dirt and trap moisture that causes bacteria growth. Frayed very fine scratches trap moisture and dirt creating bacteria growth and making floor difficult to keep clean.

Floor Types : Polyureas are excellent for all concrete flooring. They are applied with exceptional performance for all industrial floor types including, warehouses, laboratories, distribution centers, restaurants, retail stores, dog kennels and medical facilities.

Low Maintenance : Being scratch proof prevents dirt swelling. Floors are easy to clean with neoprine squeegees and look an excellent option for years. If they do start to reduce, they can be lightly sanded, and a single, fast curing new coat can be applied. Service can be repaired the following day.

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